Sep 13, 2008 11:42 AM
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买不到: 是有钱但是买不到你想买要的东西, 这有很多种情况. have enough money but still can't buy something that you want to buy. 买不起: 就是没有足够的钱买你想要买的东西. 这只有一种情况. don't have enough money to pay for something that you want to buy,
September 13, 2008
买不到 是 你有钱但是你要买的东西已经没有卖的或者商家不卖你,或者买的人太多你买不到,比如一个演唱会你非常想去,但是票太多人要买了你“买不到”了。 买不起 是 你没钱买的东西,好比一个穷人要买汽车
September 13, 2008
买不到 是 没有卖的。(there is no such thing or it had been sold out.) 买不起使又卖的,但是你没有足够的钱买( you didn't have enough money to buy what you want. it is a lack of money) in order to help you know more I had transulate it in English
September 14, 2008
hi, the difference can be very easily to understand in the following example: in Paris, if you want to buy some opium which , of course, you can not buy (买不到)it though you have enough money; while, let us go to another situation, see, one of your friend who is not rich for the time being, if you want him/her to buy one airplane as a birthday gift to you, he/she , of course, can not afford to buy(买不起) it. hehehe, is it clear? You are welcome to ask any question on Chinese langauge. Derek
September 16, 2008
买不到=有钱没得买 买不起=有得买没钱
September 14, 2008
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