Amiret el jazayer
can u translated this?to japanise There is no perfect i'am not perfect you are not perfect we are not perfect god is perfect can u translated to japanise with pronunciation
Sep 13, 2008 4:01 PM
Answers · 2
Sorry I know that "kanpeki ja nai" is "it's not perfect" but I'm not sure about the last sentence ! Kimi /anata wa kanpeki na hito janai = you're not a perfect person. Watashitachiwa kanpeki na hito janai =we aren't perfect. Kamisama wa kanpeki na = God is perfect ! Ja ne !
September 14, 2008
There is no perfect  完璧な人間などいない   kanpeki na ningen nado inai i'am not perfect  私は完璧ではない   watashi wa kanpeki dewa nai you are not perfect  あなたは完璧ではない   anata wa kanpeki dewa nai we are not perfect  私達は完璧ではない   watashitachi wa kanpeki dewa nai god is perfect  神は完璧である   kami wa kanpeki de aru
September 20, 2008
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