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help me transalte the ff. korean phrase/words 1. chingu la gok saeng gak hat jo 2.ha ji ma 3. up dah goh 4.. nun gol think that's all thanks in advance anyway...
Sep 15, 2008 11:37 AM
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4. 는걸 Neun gul It's a verb ending. I've just checked your Korean level, shin. There is no need for you to learn it yet, it's what intermediate or advanced Korean learners learn. ;) 1. I thought you(or we) are my frined. Chin-goo = friend Seng-Gak-ka-da = think 2. Don't do it(to your friend same age or younger than you) Ha-dah(basic form of the verb) = do 3. Up-dah(basic form of the verb) = there's no / do not exist I have no money Na Do-nup-dda (between close friends same age or younger than you) I have no money Ju Do-nup-ssu-yo (to elders) A : Hey. Do you have any extra money? B : No? A : Come on, I have a hot date today! Why don't you lend me some money? B : I said I DO NOT have money! Na Do-nup-dda-Go!
September 15, 2008
4. 눈꼴
September 17, 2008
1.친구라고 생각했죠 2.하지마 3.없다고 4.???
September 15, 2008
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