Is there any Japanese slang? I don't know, do words like "kakuei" fit the discription or no?
Sep 19, 2008 10:22 PM
Answers · 1
Here are a few for you; Sou desuka? (is that so?) - sou kka! Sou desu (that's right) - sou ne/sou da ne/sou da/sou sou (variation of above, "sou yo ne" - means, "oh, I know"/"tell me about it") Ii desu (it's good) - ii na!/ii ne! Daijoubu (it's alright) - ii yo (usually said if someone is asking to borrow something from you or if they have your permission to do something) Hai (yes) - un (the u is pronounced like the oo sound in spoon, but shorter, almost a mumble) Nan dake - (what was it...) when trying to remember something Chigau - (wait/that's wrong...) when you make a mistake and have to correct yourself Ore? - (huh?/what the?) Nan desuka (what is it?) - nan de?/nani? Side note: ne is a feminine sound so men say it rarely, it's like saying "hey".
September 22, 2008
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