Chinese customs when asking friends round Hello everyone, my mandarin teacher has asked me to find out about Chinese customs concerning 'Inviting friends to your home'. I'd be really grateful if anyone can help me out with this. thanks, Liam
Sep 21, 2008 8:00 PM
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Hi Liam,nice to meet you.I agree with the commons above.Actually we will prepare lunch or dinner when we Inviting friends to our home.And it would be better if you bring a present (some fruits usually) when you are making the first visiting.Nothing very different from western I think.And the praise for the delicious meals will always help to found a harmouniously atmousphere. Colin
September 24, 2008
Hi Liam, I don't know where you learnt your Mandarin but it's really a history that we Chinese were that serious about inviting somebody else to home for a dinner :) I think your teacher must wanna you to learn our Chinese culture deeply, so he raise such a question in front of you :) Actually during past time, it's really a matter if somebody invite you to his home for eating, it really means that he's treating you very seriously maybe as a brother :) You know we Chinese shows great respect to our parents, in traditional way, once somebody's willing to take you to see his parents(no matter it's a male or female friend), it means at least he/she thinks you are good enough to be introduced to his/her parents or nowadays may his wife or husband ;) But there's really nothing to be nervours, usually for the first time we go to a friend's home, we usually take some simple gifts such as some timing fruits or vegetables, normally just for enriching the dinner table :) or something specially representative your greeting/regards :)
September 23, 2008
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September 23, 2008
I dont think there are any customs and tradition left in China now, except in some villages or going to minor people(racial?)'s home. at least, I was born in China, grown up in China, but I lost the tradition maybe
September 23, 2008
China is becomin more and more extrovert these days. if u wanna ask a friend 2 come 2 ur home, just invite him/her. dinner, home-warmin parties, dvds can all be considered nice reasons.
September 23, 2008
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