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what is "good bye" in arabic? and how to reply it?
Sep 25, 2008 8:47 AM
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hi in arabic = مع السلامة = maa alsalamah مع = maa السلامة = alsalamah ........................ bye
September 25, 2008
There are many way to say like "Good bye" - The most popular specially among Muslims its السلام عليكم "Assalamu' alikum " And its Answer وعليكم السلام "Walikum Assalam means "Peace be upon you" this is the best way . - مع السلامه Ma'a Assalama like Bye in English and its Answer the Same "Ma'a Assalama" - الوداع أو وداعاً "Al wada'a /Wada'an and the same for the Answer . - And also said Among Muslims أستودعكم الله "Astawda'koun Allah or في أمان الله "Fe Aman Allah" It means and the Care of God its like "Take care " in English .-إلي اللقاء/إلي أن القاك / ألقاك علي خير Also these Forms is popular " Ala Al Liqaa / Ala an Alqak/ Alqak ala Khur ,.. Its like See you later in English . Thanks = Shokran ^_^
September 26, 2008
فرجيني عرض كتافك او احلق
September 27, 2008
ela al leqa
September 27, 2008
in addition to answer Hisham this link will help u http://www.languageguide.org/
September 26, 2008
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