Amiret el jazayer
translated to korean,chinese,japanise I work for your life like living forever, and I work for the hereafter if you die tomorrow اعمل لدنياك كانك تعيش ابدا واعمل لاخرتك كانك تموت غدا
Sep 30, 2008 9:42 AM
Answers · 2
Al Salam, I'll correct the Arabic to English translation first: " Work for your life as you'll live forever ,and work for your hereafter as you will never die." P.S. we say JAPANESE not japanise.
September 30, 2008
i can't read arabic. but the english sentence of "... as you will never die" given by rida is totally opposite to kahina's "... if you die tomorrow". which one is the correct one?
October 1, 2008
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