When is 行 = xing 。When is 行 = hang? Are there any shortcuts know which is which? 谢 谢
Oct 1, 2008 7:02 AM
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just personally collection and summary: 行 xing2 = v. and the relative adj., adv. and n. 1. walk, go; eg. 行走/xing2 zou3 2. travel, be on a tour; eg. 旅行/lv3 xing2 travelling; eg. 行李/xing2 li3 3. pass, transfer; eg. 行销/xing2 xiao1 current, flowing, popular; eg. 行云流水/xing2 yun2 liu2 shui3, 风行/feng1 xing2 temporary; eg. 行营/xing2 ying2 4. do; eg. 进行/jin4 xing2, 行礼/xing2 li3, 履行/lv3 xing2 perambulate; eg. 行巡/xing2 xun2 apply, use; eg. 行使/xing2 shi3 sail, drive; eg. 行驶/xing2 shi3 well-done, great; eg. 你真行/ni3 zhen1 xing2 behavior, conduct; eg. 行为/xing2 wei2, 品行/pin3 xing2 ok, yes, sure, be allowed; eg. 不行/bu4 xing2 5. be going to, would, soon; eg. 行将…/xing2 jiang1... 6. ancient idea of basic elements; eg. 五行/wu3 xing2 7. an ancient style of poem; eg. 长歌行/chang2 ge1 xing2 8. an ancient style of writting scription; eg. 行书/xing2 shu1 hang2 = n. and the relative adj. and adv. 1. road; eg. 行街/hang2 jie1 2. line, row; eg. 行列/hang2 lie4 order, sequence, seniority among brothers and sisters; eg. 排行/pai2 hang2 army, troop; eg. 行伍/hang2 wu3 3. business, trade, industry, profession; eg. 行业/hang2 ye4, 行情/hang2 qing2 business firm; eg. 银行/yin2 hang2, 商行/shang1 hang2 expert; eg. 行家/hang2 jia1 行走=walk 旅行=travel 行李=baggage 行销=marketing 行云流水=natural and smooth (writing) 风行=be popular 行营=temporary barracks 进行=go along, process 行礼=salute, make one's obedience to ... 履行=perform 行巡=perambulate 行使=use, perform, exercise 行驶=drive, sail 你真行=you are well done 行为=action 品行=morality 不行=no 行将=be going to 五行 长歌行 行书 行街=wide road 行列=row and column, line, procession 排行=sequence 行伍=troop 行业=trade, industry, profession 行情=market 银行=bank 商行=business firm 行家=expert
October 1, 2008
xing means ok,while hang refers to a line or a row.
October 1, 2008
顶2楼 agree with floor 2
October 7, 2008
There are different prouncation between xing and hang. You use tell them from the contexts. For English, I like you. I am like you.(how do you tell when 'like' is used as foundness or similar to...)
October 6, 2008
According to my experience, "Xing" is for verb, even in "xing li"(luggage, it is a noun.) , but "xing" is the verb, "li" is the noun in this word. "Hang" is for noun. Hope it will help you more or less.
October 4, 2008
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