look at this pic~which boy/girl do u think is handsome/pretty ?
Oct 3, 2008 8:51 AM
Answers · 13
Girls: In the back there are two girls holding their arms together in the shape of a heart, the one on the right is pretty. And next to her is a girl with quite long hair almost in front of her eyes as well, she's pretty as well I guess. As for boys, I'm not homosexual or anything but I think the second boy from the right is popular with the girls. :P He looks kinda angry in this pic though. :P
October 3, 2008
The third guy from the left and the fourth and first guy from the right. hehehe The first and the fifth girl from the right both with eye glasses.. hehe.. Though all are handsome and pretty.. They are just the outstanding.. :)
October 3, 2008
after a keen observation, i think there are many more girls who are pretty and there are two girls with their thumbs up, both are pretty and a girl with two pony tail's ..... the guy in the middle on fifth from any direction looks like Lurch( Adams family character)..sorry no offence ... PEACE..!!!! but did anybody notice a girl in the extreme left on the top most row ??!!!!!!! she looks like a TOMBOY... !!
October 9, 2008
well there are so many pretty girls in this pic, girls who are making a heart sign, the one on their left with her fingers out... looks like a rabbit sign, and the girl on the right too(i like her hair do). and the one with thumbs up sign... Unfortunately there are no handsome guys..... poor girls.But the guys, first , third from left and second from right look good enough the guy in the extreme right is ok.
October 9, 2008
of course only u haha ;)
October 7, 2008
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