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Is there an equivalent? There a few words in English which I can't find translations for in Spanish. Can someone tell me if there is a translation/equivalent word for the following: 1.anywho/anyhow/anyway 2.antidisestablishmentarianism (a friends request) 3.wtf? (what the fuck?) 4.ftw (for the win) 5.ftl (for the loss) 6.brb (be right back) 7.gtg (got to go) 8.cba (can't be arsed) 9.ta (a shortened form of thank you) 10. shut up any other words like this you may like to add, feel free to do so :) Thanks
Oct 4, 2008 1:17 AM
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woO haha dificultones! haha xD... cauze thats are idimos in english right!... haha you said that.. when you play games online haha xd.. well.. i use to !! haha xd.. 1: Quiensea / comosea/ and anyway.. you can use in diferents ways.. like... comosea .. or.. de cualquier manera... haha depende... la oracion. 2: WTf... hahaha i have no idea what a hell its that haahah xD... the nextones.. dipends.. you place!... 3: que pedo? no mames! haha depende! 4: por la victoria! 5: por la derrota! but thisones.. nobody say that haha.. we say same.. ftw... .. when i played online games! heeh 6: ahortia regeso, ahi vengo, many ways 7: me tengo que ir 8: i dont know the meaning of arsed.. but you translade *no puede ser (arsed)* 9: mm... no tenemos abreviacion but theres some idioms.. like.. chido, ty.. haha.. no se 10: CALLATE... haha cierra la boca... o polate way... silencio ( Silence) and you can add words to make no polite.. like puta or something like that... cierra la puta boca! stop anoing me ( i dont know how to spell) - deja de molestar, dehja de estar chingando!..
October 7, 2008
1. anywho/anyhow/anyway: de cualquier manera / de cualquier modo2. antidisestablishmentarianism:  estar contra el sistema      antiestablishment: inconformista / disconforme3. wtf? : qué demonios? / qué cojones (Spain slang)4. fth: el mejor5. ftl: el peor6. brb: enseguida vuelvo / vuelvo enseguida7. gtg: tengo que irme8. cba: no tengo ganas / me da palo 9.ta: gracias (there's no shorter form) 10. shut up: cállate
October 4, 2008
I don't know all the words but it can be: 1)anywho = quien sea (i'm not 100% sure) anyhow/anyway (they can be equivalents in spanish) = como sea, de cualquier manera, de todos modos 3)wtf? = que rayos ...?, que demonios ..?, que mierda ...? (also in chile -my county- you can say: que wea..? ) 6)brb = esperame, ya regreso, ya vuelvo. 10) shut up= callate!! another: lol = xD
October 4, 2008
1.quien sea/como sea/en todo caso 2.antidisestablishmentarianism (a friends request) 3.que putas? que chingados? 4.a ganar! 5.a perder! 6.ya regréso 7.me voy 8.cba (can't be arsed) 9.gracias. 10. sho, callate!
October 4, 2008
9.ta: gracias (in argentina young people now say:"grax" is a short form) :Pbut only a few person use it... gtg = me voy / me largo (in argentina also you can say: "me las tomo",but it is not realy nice :P) Ihope that help you ...bye
October 4, 2008
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