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What's the difference between "source" and "resource"? Louis Armstrong’s puffed-cheek style of playing the trumpet was a resource of constant curiosity among the public. I know a litle, but sometimes trap me up. For example He's a source of the problem, He's a resource of the problem (doesn't make sense)
Jan 2, 2016 5:06 AM
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"Source" itu tempat kemunculan sesuatu. "He's a source of the problem" maksudnya masalahnya bermula dari dia. "Resource" itu menunjuk ke orang atau barangnya (yang berharga). Contohnya, "Indonesia's mineral resources include oil, coal, ..."
January 2, 2016
This is the answer I gave when another member asked this question 10 days ago: .... A source is an origin. It's where something comes from. For example, the source of a river is where it starts. The source of a problem is whatever or whoever caused the problem. A source of food, money and so on is the place where you can find these things. A resource is something which is available and which we make use of. We can describe water, oil, minerals and suchlike as the earth's natural resources. If you are studying, you can think of books as resources. The money that someone has can be referred to as (financial) resources, while strength, courage, patience are a person's own natural resources. In the most basic sense, 'resource' answers the question 'What?', while 'source' answers the question 'Where (from) ?' .......... The person for whom I wrote this answer did not even have the common courtesy to acknowledge it. I hope it helps you, anyway.
January 2, 2016
They have two different meanings which you can find in your dictionary and here is an earlier explanation:
January 2, 2016
Source means the origin of something. Like source of a river. But resource is any personal talent or outside supply that can be tapped for help or support. Simply resource means recovery. It also refers to the natural resources available in and on our Earth things that we are constantly drawing on and depleting, such as our trees, ores, and atmosphere.
January 2, 2016
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