I was just wondering about the meaning of 现在你那边几点? I've been told it means like 'what are you up to?' (to mean, 'what are you doing right now?') But I was just wondering what the literal meaning is? The 那边几点 bit.. I haven't managed to work out what that means.. just wondering if anyone could help me.. thanks.
Oct 9, 2008 2:21 AM
Answers · 8
it means :what's the time in your localtion .
October 9, 2008
The translation is "what time is it now where you are?" The LITERAL translation is "now you over there what time?" 现在 = right now 那边 is a colloquial way to say 那里. It is REALLY common to use 这边 and 那边 for 'here' and 'there'. It took me a while to get used to it also. 几点 is short for '几点钟' or 'what time is it'
October 14, 2008
it means "what is the time now in your location"
October 11, 2008
we chinese often say 一点钟,两点钟,三点钟 and so on. it means one o'clock , two o'clock. three o'clock and so on. 所以,在这里,问你几点,意思就是 what's your time. 你那里几点,means what's the time in your place
October 10, 2008
it means:what time is it your place! when the person asked you,he want know what time in your know? if you haven any question about chinese, i be willing to help you,if you ask me!
October 9, 2008
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