"牛毛" 有其他的意思吗?比如说: 如多牛毛的各种税费 什么意思?
Oct 9, 2008 3:45 PM
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Thats a metaphorial way to descripe something is in a great number beyond counting. 牛毛 indicates the thing it described is as much as the hair on cow's skin. I guess 多牛毛的各种税费 should be 多如牛毛的各种税费。如 means 像, as, and be like. The sentence simply means there are as many kinds of taxes as the number of cow's hairs.
October 9, 2008
这里“牛毛”是一种比喻,形容特别特别多/不计其数, so many just like the fur of cattle 多如牛毛的各种税费是说,各种各样的税费太多了
October 9, 2008
再插一句,我完全同意以上各位的意见,牛毛这里确实是一种比喻的说法。但是请注意,不是所有表达数量多的地方都可以使用牛毛来做比喻的,用牛毛来打比方的情况据我了解并不是很多。 从词典里查到的词条来看: 牛毛 niú máo 牛身上的毛。形容细而稠密 牛毛细雨 “牛毛细雨”,描绘的是春季的细雨绵绵,这个比喻是行得通的。因为牛毛和细雨在某些外形特征上具有相似之处。著名散文家朱自清的散文《春》中有使用“牛毛”来描写细雨的句子,“雨是最寻常的,一下就是三两天。可别恼,看,像牛毛,像花针,像细丝,密密地斜织着,人家屋顶上全笼着一层薄烟。” 但是从严格意义上讲,“多如牛毛的税费”这个比喻其实并不是非常贴切,因此个人建议不要使用。
October 10, 2008
牛毛还有 细 的意思 比如说 牛毛细雨 就是说雨下的 很细很小
October 9, 2008
how many seas must a white dove sail   before she sleeps in the sand? how many times must the cannonballs fly before they are forever banned? how many haris must a man count on an ox before you call him a mathematician ? the answer my friend, is showing like this:   as many as the hairs on an ox; countless; innumerable .
October 10, 2008
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