why do men prefer skinny girls, even if they re ugly, instead of an overweight girl who got a pretty face i want to undertsand, why slim girls, even if they re not goodlooking, can find men easier than a girl who is a bit over weight, but has a pretty face and a sparkling personlaity. its not fair, why do men just consider the body, if i was looking for a man , i wudnt rul ehim out if he was a bit overweight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 10, 2008 7:48 PM
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Mostly I think it's the fault of the media. They keep telling/showing us that skinny is beautiful. That we should buy their products in order to look like the people who THEY say embodies perfection. In older days, in many cultures, men liked chubbier girls because that meant that they were rich enough to be able to eat in excess. Even when you look at statues from classical Greece, the women weren't sculpted "toned and skinny", they were curvy, and beautiful. I'm not condoning obesity, by the way. There is a limit... anything after that limit is just not healthy.
October 11, 2008
Let me answer you by asking a similar question, why do girls prefer tall men even if they're ugly, instead of a short boy who got an attractive face ? That's the way girls are ! they think that tall men are sexier , men think that skinny girls are sexier ! of course, there are a lot more important things in a good relationship but you cannot deny these facts whether you like them or not ! :p
October 13, 2008
Hey wait, WHO SAID THAT BOYZ PREFER ONLY SKINNY GIRLZ and not the one who r justa bit overweight with a pretty face!!!! You know what ? I simply simply simply HATE skinny girlz and i exclusively LOVE girlz who are a bit overweight and prettier. I always get turned at those types of girlz and not the skinny skeletony looks like girls coz i believe this skinny ones are tooooooo delicate to handle while the others are tooooooo hot to handle. Am i right?????
October 15, 2008
i am agree with xademloosx's idea. in chinese history---tang dynasty, people thought women should be a little every pretty was a little fat in our modern person's eyes.even the most beautiful queen , she is plump and loved most by our men at that time. so the public point of view is very important . i am a little chubby, but i don't care, just to be myself .this is most important.
October 11, 2008
right... skinny girls are sexier than fat ones.. to get fat is easy, to keep being skinny is pretty dificult... it means skinnies make a lot to be liked..
October 14, 2008
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