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can you tell me these drama talk about? ข้ามสีทันดร=Over the Ocean ชลาลัย=sea เหลี่ยมรัก= the edge of desire ตามล่า 2000 ไมล์ =Chasing 20000 miles ทิวลิปทอง= Golden tulip น้ำพุ =fountain พุดจีบ=flower name แก้ว =flower name นายมิ่ง=Mr. Ming คุณเทพ=angel คุณแม่แก้ขัด=Substituted mother คู่แค้นแสนรัก=Rivals in Love พายุริษยา=Wind of Jealousy โซ่เสน่หา =Chain of Infatuation
25 янв. 2016 г., 12:36
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You translate them almost correct. Just only some of them needed correction. เหลี่ยมรัก= Cunning of love. (The story is about a women disguise to be her twin to revenge her father's wife (Her mother is the second wife. Her twin was raised by her father while she was raised by her mother.) คุณเทพ = Possible mean Mr.Thep. Sorry I don't khow this story. คุณแม่แก้ขัด=Makeshift mother คู่แค้นแสนรัก= Beloved adversary (One of twin revenge a man for her twin. But she fall in love with him) Some of the name refer to the main character's name such as นายมิ่ง ชลาลัย น้ำพุ. Some of them refer to the situation that drive the stiry such as เหลี่ยมรัก คุณแม่แก้ขัด คู่แค้นแสนรัก. Some of them referto the imagery of the situation in the story such as ข้ามสีทันดร พายุริษยา โซ่เสน่หา. Some of them may refer to the symbol that ralate to the main character or story. I am not Thai drama fan. If you want more informationห. I'll search the informationห for you.
26 января 2016 г.
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