Use the past simple or the present perfect in this short dialogue Please tell me if I used the right form of the verbs (past simple or present perfect depending on the situation) -I went to the USA last year. I visited LA and Chicago. Have you ever been there? - Yes. I went to the USA a few years ago - Did you like it? - yes. I didn't go (or haven't been?) to the same places you visited, I went to New York - Oh I haven't been there. I'd like to see it. Have you been there with some friends? - Yes, they took me everywhere - How did you meet them? - I met them here at college.They spent a year in my town and we were in the same class. I haven't seen them since I left NY. We've chatted a few times but we haven't organized anything
Jan 31, 2016 2:49 PM
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Almost all correct! But remember that when you are giving details about an event in the past, you must use the past tense: - I didn't go to the same places you visited, I went to New York. (You have to use past simple here, because it's a statement about a particular trip) - Oh I haven't been there. (This is possible as a standalone statement, if you are talking about your life experience in general. However, in the context of this dialogue, it would be more logical for the person to say 'I didn't go there', meaning 'I didn't go there (when I was in the US last year) I'd like to see it. Did you go there with some friends? (This has to be in the past simple, because you are referring to the specifics of a trip that took place in the past - not about the person's general life experience. You cannot use a present perfect here). Otherwise, all good! It's a tricky area of grammar, and you seem to have the right idea. Well done.
January 31, 2016
Yea you used them perfectly and the sentence you have in parentheses can also work. Great Job
January 31, 2016
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