communicative achievements I´m reading a book that said "in the English exam you are assessed on content, communicative achievement (appropriate use of register and format), organisation and language" This is needed for pass the writting exam. I don´t understand the meaning of appropriate use of register and format. What are they asking me? Can you help me, please?
Feb 5, 2016 6:17 PM
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Hi Alfredo. English examiners are often strongly focused on communicative achievement, because it is the basis for the understanding. The higher is the grade of the exam the bigger is the importance. You use an appropriate REGISTER for example, when you use a correct language without abbreviations or slang writing a letter to an important person or to an office or to a bank. Vice versa you can (or should) use slang or colloquial words, writing to a friend. In sum, it is the way you say a thing. What about FORMAT. It is mainly how you put down your words on the sheet. For instance, in case of a report, you should start with the aim of the research, then explain the method used in the study, then the result in the following paragraph. You must end the report summarizing everything in just few words. If the target of the exam is for example an advertisement, its format must be absolutely different. I think it may begin with an important title, then with a slogan and a description. Good luck.
February 5, 2016
Wow. The writers of that exam need to work on their English ;-) I'm going to guess this is what they mean: "In the English exam you'll be evaluated on content, communication (appropriate use of tone and attitude), organisation, and language." register = a (usually) musical term, meaning in a high pitch (the keys on the right side of a piano are in the "upper register") format = a very, very general term that could mean almost anything here. Maybe they mean the use of a conversational vs. formal syntax, it is really hard to say.
February 5, 2016
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