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'Technologically impaired' 用汉语怎么说? 'Technologically impaired' 用汉语怎么说? For example: He is so technologically impaired, he can't even use a cell phone to make a call.
Feb 5, 2016 11:07 PM
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We can call these people "科技白痴", which is usually used in written form. But this word, as a noun, is not very popular in daily life, and we generally describe this meaning by using adjectives or verbs. For example: "他对科技一窍不通!" "一窍不通" means "don't understand at all!". So it is equivalent to say "他对科技一点也不了解!" By the way, there is a kind of people who feature their poor abilities of self and crazy love of learning. We call them "书呆子", and they are typically technologically impaired.
February 6, 2016
He is so technologically impaired, he can't even use a cell phone to make a call. [Actually, if "he" is young, you can just say: “他太out了(normal)/他就是个原始人(a little negative),连用手机打个电话都不会。”] [if he lives in a abandoned countryside, maybe you can describe the situation like: 他从没接触过这些科技产品/设备,连手机都没见过。]
February 6, 2016
One normally says, "科技白痴"。 As adjective: 他是科技白痴的。 As noun: 他是个科技白痴来的。 你的句子翻译成中文就是: 他是科技白痴的,连用手机打电话也不会的。 Here is the link to a real-life use of the term in a Chinese blog. http://m.qyer.com/bbs/thread-1310440-1.html There is no requirement of political correctness in Chinese, and so there is not any native equivalent of the euphemistic "impaired" in the context of low technological awareness. In the more sensitive sphere of the physically handicapped, there is the politically correct 视障人士 (the sight-impaired) instead of the outright 盲人 (the blind). If you must translate "technologically impaired", which is a fun gently mocking term anyway, and not a serious description, you could say 科技障碍。他是有科技障碍症的。
February 6, 2016
February 6, 2016
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