jeegaretō bokhoram .? hi....my iranian friend told my while he hug me  jeegaretō bokhoram ,,,,,,as I know it an emtional idiom but, he said it had alot of meaning....what is the real meaningThanks
Feb 6, 2016 3:38 PM
Answers · 12
He really loves you. :)
February 7, 2016
He/She absolutely likes you too much :))
February 6, 2016
It has some kind of surprising showing in that words.it means i love you so much with a high rate of emotion[emoji]
February 6, 2016
In my idea its not about like or love some one ,um it could be sort of flirting ,pleasing
February 15, 2016
Are you really native English speaker?!
February 6, 2016
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