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About spain and spainesh people Hello friends, i am from india and i am planing to live in spain with my life partner.i never go out from my country before.and i also dont know spenish language,i just want to know aboug spain culture,its people and working conditions, and i want to know can i find jobs like. I can cook,caretaker,or jobs in supermarkets ,in shops ,etc.etc .even i am ready to do these kind of jobs in half main motive is to be with my partner there.and for this if in spain i have to be a slave for any family there the?n i am .ready,what do you think friends. For having job or slavery where should look mean how to contact thosd families.who is interested in full time cook,caretaker and i can teach their childrens some subject also,my salery would be just roof upon my head and two time food,one more thing i dont know driving skills.but ready to learn all for job requerment. And what i wrote above is not joke.i am serious about this,any help would be remember for life.thsnk you
Feb 6, 2016 4:35 PM
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Hello, I'm from spain and y tell you it's a bad idea. First, in Spain there are hard controls to illegal immigration. If you come to live with your partner, just living and enjoy with spanish people. If you work without a work permission, you'll be expelled. Second reason. There are a lot people in spain that don't know speak english. For work in spain is very important speak spanish, or other language. In catalonia is very important speak catalan or other regions. My recommendation for you, is that you live in spain and learn the language. Greetings reeting
February 6, 2016
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