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It took me x time to do x? I'm confused on how to say this " it took me 4 hours." ( I also want to show emphasis too) This is what I came up with, which is correct? "4시간이나 걸렸어요" "4시이나 걸렸어요." I feel like the first is right but then how would some one know it's minutes or hours or even seconds? Like if I wanted to say " it took me 5 minutes" how should it be written? Like this?: "5분시간 걸렸어요." Or "5분 걸렸어요." Thank youuu
Feb 7, 2016 1:25 AM
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hi hyorin, It took me 4 hours. - 4시간이나 걸렸어요. it took me 5 minutes - 5분 걸렸어요. Maybe I should explain why you are confusing. '시간' means 'time' but it doesn't mean the number of tries (twice, thrice, 4 times... like that) '시간' doesn't mean 'the exact time' either (what time shall we make it?') Sometimes '시간' means 'hours (taken)'. Someimtes '시간' means 'minutes(taken)'. Let me introduce some examples. maybe it will clarifying the meaning. What time shall we make it? (What time shall we see again?) - 언제(몇 시에) 만날래요? How many times have you visited Seoul? - 서울에 몇 번이나 왔었어요? Do you have the time? - 몇 시예요? (시계있어?) Maybe you should use "What time is it?" in Korea. How much will it take to the bus stop? - 버스 정류장까지 얼마나 걸려요?
February 7, 2016
5초 걸렸어요(오 초) 5분 걸려요(오 분) 5시간이나 걸린다고요?(시간의 경우, 발음은 '다섯 시간'이라고 함) 5일 걸릴거야.(오 일) 3주 걸려요. (주의 경우, '삼 주'라고 발음하나, '세 주'라고 하기도 함) 5달 걸려요.(달의 경우, '다섯'이라고 함. 오 달(X)) 5년 걸립니다.(오 년) '다섯 년'(X)
February 7, 2016
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