It had never occur to him that she was anything but completely correct “He did have the family he deserved. They were wonderful, truly wonderful, and he knew it. And what’s more, he did deserve them. “There’s my brilliant boy,” Yvette would call out whenever he walked into the house. It had never had to occur to him that she was anything but completely correct.” I can probably get the ideas is a that: she was anything but complete correct" means that she is God, here "she" is "he"s grandmother. So why we use the "but" rather than "and". Maybe here is my stereotype:______ he is good at study, but sometime do some bad thing", my preception is that: "but"___always toward to some things opposite the previous mentioned. Here I think "and" maybe more appropriate. MAYBE: I misunderstood d the last sentence.
Feb 7, 2016 7:10 AM
Answers · 5
" She was anything BUT completely correct " . Yes , but is used to introduce a clause contrasting ( opposite) to what has been already mentioned ! " It had never had to occur to him that she was anything " means It never came to his mind that she could be anything ( here anything refers to something contradicting with 'completely correct' ,as 'wrong' , ' partly correct' etc ..... She could be anything opposite to completely correct ! "Anything but " is an idiom used to emphasize that something is the opposite of what you might expect "He is anything but handsome " He could be anything opposite to that ( ugly ..etc ). Yes you did misunderstand the second part of the sentence . You can't say 'she was anything and completely correct " It wouldn't even make sense ! I hope it is clear :)
February 7, 2016
The word "but" in this usage means "except".
February 7, 2016
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