"How was it?" I'm having trouble finding how to ask someone, "how was it?" in Korean. For example, someone is telling me a story and I respond with "how was it?" referring to the individual's experience or feelings about the situation. Should it be something like "어떠셨어요?", "어떻었어요?", or "어땠어?" in this situation? Is there a better or more natural way to ask a question like this in Korean?
Feb 8, 2016 2:59 AM
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"How was it?" What you listed are the right words to use (except one). They all come from 어떠하다 (how it is - used in a question), which usually shortens to 어떻다, and further changes form depending on the tense and other contexts. - 어떠셨습니까?: (=어떠하셨습니까) Formal-polite. -셔- is the honorific suffix to the stem. - 어떠셨어요?: (=어떠하셨어요) Informal-polite. 습니까 is formal(stiff), 어요 informal(familiar). - 어땠어요?: (=어떠했어) Informal-polite. No -셔-, so less polite than 어떠셨어요. - 어땠어?: (=어떠했어) Informal-plain. The most casual, between friends or to someone younger. * The parenthesized version is almost never used. * 어떻었어요 doesn't exit. It should be 어땠어요. * If you go to dongsa.net and type in 어떻다 in the box, it will show you all the other related forms.
February 8, 2016
I think it is not bad to say "어떠셨어요." or "어땠어". I mean it is grammatically and contextually Okay. But we seldom separates our experiences from our emotion or feeling. So when you talk with Korean, you can feel how it was. :)
February 8, 2016
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