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What's the difference between State, outline, summarize, and describe? (IB command term) Which one should have the most details, and which one should be the most brief? How to explain and event in those four different ways? Those are for IB command terms just FYI. Thanks.
Feb 8, 2016 3:14 AM
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Hi Yifei, IB Command terms are for the international baccalaureate, right? STATE - To give an answer or response without an explanation = e.g "Do you like fruit?" "Yes" = to state = make a statement OUTLINE - To give a brief (short) draft/ summary/ a list of something.= e.g "I want an outline of everything that happens in the movie" "The movie follows two men on a journey across America, first they go to Las Vegas, then California and finally to New York" DESCRIBE - To give a lot of detail and information on something = e.g "Can you describe what you see?" "I see a park with lots of children running around, the park has a slide which is blue and green" SUMMARIZE - To, in your own words, explain the main idea, concept, plan, theme from something (paraphrase), NOT just re-wording. = e.g "I want you to summarize this academic paper for homework" "The writer talks about language learning and the problem with classrooms, specifically, why both have disadvantages and advantages" STATE --> OUTLINE --> SUMMARIZE --> DESCRIBE (this would be the order from least detail to most detail) Hope this helps. I found this website with some IB terms, https://www.binghamton.edu/gse/teacher-education/pre-service/edtpa/command-terms-IB.pdf
February 8, 2016
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