Which is correct or more natural/common? Could you tell me which is more natural or correct? Thanks! 1. a comic VS a comic book 2. sports comic books VS comic books about sports 3." She isn't interested in both sports and comic books about sports." VS "She isn't interested in either sports or comic books about sports."
Feb 8, 2016 2:01 PM
Answers · 12
1. They are both correct, but mean different things. A 'comic' can refer to a thin, unbound publication. Like magazines, comics might come out once a week or once a month are quite cheap and are usually thrown away after use. A 'comic book' is an actual book containing cartoons and comic strip stories. 2. Neither sounds natural. Can you explain what this is? 3. She isn't interested in either ... or... With positive verbs, you use 'both/and' and with negative verbs you use 'either/or'.
February 8, 2016
1. a comic book 2. sports comic books . ( You can also say comic books about sports ) 3. She isn't interested in either .... or ....
February 8, 2016
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