What's the differences among these words? 1. 기쁘다, 행복하다, 즐겁다 2. 슬프다, 지루하다, 우울하다 Please give me some examples if possible. Thank you!
Feb 8, 2016 2:50 PM
Answers · 1
기쁘다: to be glad 행복하다: to be happy 즐겁다: to be pleased 슬프다: to be sad 지루하다: to be bored 우울하다: to be depressed 시험에 합격해서 기쁘다 I'm glad I passed the exam 어머니가 퇴원하셔서 행복하다 I'm happy since my mother left the hospital 너와 같이 있으면 즐겁다 It's really pleasing to be with you 강아지가 죽어서 슬프다 I'm sad because the puppy died 혼자 있으니 지루하다 Being alone is boring 시험을 망쳐서 우울하다 I'm depressed because I messed up the exam
February 8, 2016
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