Which is more natural? Could you tell me which is more natural? 1)"a lot of glasses of water" VS "several glasses of water" 2)"But now I can totally relate it to me " VS "But now I can totally relate to it" (With "relate", I mean this: to feel that you can understand a person, a situation, something that somebody does or feels, etc. and have sympathy with them/it 3)"members of society" VS "society members" Thank you!
Feb 13, 2016 4:00 AM
Answers · 6
Hi, Ahn. The more natural phrase is "several glasses of water" or you can also say, "many glasses of water." In your second question the correct sentence is "But now I can totally relate to it" The two phrases in your third question mean two different things. "Members of society" are people of the society in general. But a "society member" is a member of a specific society group, such as the American Cancer Society.
February 13, 2016
1) Both work. However a higher level English speaker would probably say "several glasses of water" 2) You would actually just say "I can totally relate". Colloquially, that's most often used. 3) Members of society
February 13, 2016
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