To yell, scream..etc. Hi guys, could somebody clarify the different levels of the usage of your voice for me, and would there be more common ways to say these verbs! So to begin from the quieter to louder... Sussurrare = to whisper Parlare = to talk Gridare = to yell Urlare = to shout Strillare = to scream Are there others, or is this pretty much the different levels of raising your voice? Thanks!
Feb 13, 2016 8:54 PM
Answers · 2
/strillare/ and /sgridare/ also have a different meaning: to reproach. In this meaning, /strillare/ always implies 'with a loud voice', while /sgridare/ does not imply anything about the voice level. Moreover /sgridare/ has ONLY the meaniong of /to reproach/.
February 13, 2016
Musical knowledge aside, in my opinion you're right. Urlare, gridare e strillare are synonymous, I don't see trhere aren't different levels of the usage of voice; may be strillare is only more related to children, so it could have a different frequency.
February 13, 2016
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