Please help me to translate I translate one article about studing at the Cambridge University and have found a strange expression about a daily routine at University. I mean the summer courses that they organize for foreign students. In one of evenings students do this: "you bet" Please, help me - I can't translate this expression. What does it mean? Thank you very much.It is the part of student's schedule. For example, this day in the morning they do this: "Full day excursion: London" (this part I can translate), but in the evening they do according their schedule this: "you bet" I can't translate this because according our dictionary it means "certainly" as you said . But it isn't suit me. It can mean "wager" also, but I am not sure that students of such world-famous university do such things. I need a help of native speakers, who can suppose that student may do in the evenings and is called "you bet".
Feb 14, 2016 12:24 PM
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