Ordering food in korea I'm currently in korea and i barely manage to order food but I still need help with some things like when I want to change the size and those kind of things. My korean level is still pretty low. So I would appreciate your help. I would like to know how to say: 1.- to eat here. ( It only comes to my mind saying something like 여기에서 or when they ask me for take out say: 없어요.) 2.- _____ change to large/ small size, please. ( i wrote something like: ____큰/작은 사이즈 변경해 주세요. But I don't know if it's correct. Also when writting it I didn't know if i should use 바꾸다 instead) 3.- ____ without ______ ( like, for example: I would like a burger without onion) 4. And just to rectify if i want something extra I can say _____ 추가. Thank you for your help.
Feb 14, 2016 6:50 PM
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"Ordering in Korea" 1. To eat here: 여기서(here), 먹어요(will eat). - 여기서 먹어요: I am eating here. - 여기서 먹을 거예요: I am eating here. - 싸 갈 거 아니에요: I am not taking it out. - 포장해 드릴까요?: Do you want it wrapped up to go? (they might ask you this) - 아니에요. 필요없어요.: No, I don't need it. 2. Change to large/ small size: ~(으)로 (to), 바꿔 주세요 (please change it). - 큰[작은] 걸로 주세요 (Please give me the large[small] one) - 큰[작은] 걸로 바꿔 주세요 (Please change it to the large[small] one). * 변경하다 is similar to 바꾸다, but too formal sounding. 3. Without: 빼고 / 없이 (without). XX 안 넣고 / XX 넣지 말고 (not adding XX). - 양파 뺴고요 / 양파 없이요: No onions, please. - 양파 없이 해 주세요: Please make it without onion. - 양파 안 넣고 해 주세요: Please make it without adding onion. - 고추 넣지 말고 해 주세요: Please make it without adding jalapeno peppers. - (너무) 맵지 않게 해 주세요: Please make not (too) spicy. 4. Ordering something extra: 더요, 추가요, 추가해 주세요. - 밥 하나 더요: One more rice please. (더(요) = more) - 국 하나 추가요: One more soup please. - 이 반찬 하나 추가요: One more of this side dish please. - 밥 하나 더 주세요: Please bring me one more bowl of rice. - 이거 하나 더 주세요: Please bring me one more of this (pointing at it). * Other: 여기 (to where I am sitting) - (여기) 주문 받아 주세요: Please take my order (here). - (여기) 기 물 좀 갖다 주세요: Please bring me a water (here). - (여기) 기 엽차 갖다 주세요: Please bring me a hot tea (here). - (여기) 계산서 갖다 주세요: Please bring me my check (here). * Here's a page with some more expressions: http://www.talktomeinkorean.com/shows/restaurants1/
February 14, 2016
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