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Taxi directions: How to say "go past" a place or object I am struggling with how to say "go past" and starting to realize that this adverbial phrase may not be as common in Spanish as it is in English. It's easier with verbs, for example (and please correct me if there are errors): Siga hasta que llegue a la casa... Continue until you arrive at the house Or maybe Pase por delante del restaurante...Continue (until you are) in front of the restaurant But can I say Siga POR DELANTE de la casa Or Pare/Detenga POR DELANTE del edificio Or something similar to mean "keep going past" (this place/object)? Gracias!
Feb 16, 2016 12:18 AM
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It would be something like "sigue/continúa hasta pasar XXX" For example: "Keep going past the restaurant" = "Sigue/continúa hasta pasar el restaurante". It's so comun in Spanish too and it mean that you leave the restaurant (in this example) behain.
February 16, 2016
To say: "siga hasta que llegue a la casa" and "siga por delante de la casa" has different meanings. The first one means: go on until you get to the house, the second one: go on in front of the house. If you want to say: go past the house, I would say: siga hasta que pase la casa. Go past the school: siga hasta que pase el colegio, or: siga y pase el colegio, or pase el colegio. Yes, there is not an exact way to say GO Past. You would need to say: pase... I hope this helps :) Mayte
February 17, 2016
"pare PASANDO el restaurant" is correct, at least here in Argentina.
February 18, 2016
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