transltion from english to pinyin...plz help? i saw this question from meimei. and i am confused about these tow translation into pinyin; which is correct and which is not knowing that one of them is longer than the other, please help?. this is the text; About the question, of course I don’t have a boyfriend. But I suggest that teens at the same age group or lower shouldn’t be in a hurry on having a boyfriend or girlfriend because I believe that love really can wait if it’s true love that you feel. But if it is a matter of ‘just-for-fun’ and to make you happy, maybe you could especially if the relationship is legal. And usually, relationships are only allowed by parents if you are in the right age and if you do good things out of it, instead of making troubles. It depends on your desire, because for me, I want to reach my long term goals, and being in a relationship is not part of it. That’s all I can say about that topic. ^ ~ ^ V
Oct 15, 2008 9:41 AM
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關於這個問題,當然,我沒有男朋友,但我建議在這個年齡的青年人不應該急著交男/女朋友,因為真愛是值得等的。但如果在只是為了"好玩"並且讓你感到快樂,而且是合法的也許你該擁有這樣的關係。 通常,你在適當的年齡,伴侶關係只需父母同意。這是仰賴於你的渴望,對我而言,我想要一個長遠的關係,而且伴侶關係不只是一部份而已。這就是我所想的關於這個議題。
October 15, 2008
if you say PINYIN. just like this? Guan yu zhe ge wen ti, dang ran, wo mei you nan peng you, dan wo jian yi zai zhe ge nian ling de nian qing ren bu ying gai ji zhe jiao nan/nv peng you, yin wei zhen ai shi zhi de deng dai de. dan ru guo zai zhi shi wei le "hao wan" bing qie rang ni gan dao kuai le, er qie shi he fa de ye xu ni gai yong you zhe yang de guan xi. Tong chang, ni zai shi dang de nian ling, ban lv guan xi zhi xu fu mu tong yi. zhe shi yi lai yu ni de ke wang, dui wo er yan, wo xiang yao yi ge chang yuan de guan xi, er qie ban lv guan xi bu zhi shi yi bu fen er yi. zhe jiu shi wo suo xiang de guan yu zhe ge yi ti.
October 16, 2008
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