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أشتغل إم أعمال/شغل إم عمل؟ هل مخلافاثان بين الكلمة "شغل و بين الكلمة " والكلمة "عمل"؟ إم بين الكلمة "أشتغل" و بين الكلمة "أعمال"؟ شكرا جزيلا **** Is there a difference between the meaning of "شغل" and "عمل"? And is there a difference in meaning between the two verbs: أشتغل and "أعمل"? Or do they have different suggested meanings [ie, one is used more with "blue-collar workers" (people who work with their hands fixing machines, driving vehicles, cleaning things or working in a factory). One is used more often with "white collar workers" (people who wear suits and ties and white shirts and blazers to work. And who work in offices and use computers alot)? Thank you!!!!
Feb 17, 2016 1:45 PM
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the difference is very little in general but I would use عمل in فصحى almost 90% of the time. you could use it exclusively with no problems. However, in Egyptian and Syrian accents شغل is used more often. - اعمل كمدرس -اعمل لدى شركة الاتصالات - لدي عمل (أو وظيفة) في المؤسسة العامة - العمال مضربون للمطالبة برفع الأجور عامل = blue collar worker موظف = white color worker btw your question should be: هل هناك اختلاف بين كلمة "عمل" وكلمة "شغل"؟ أو بين كلمة "أشتغل" وكلمة "اعمل"؟
February 17, 2016
: There is a simple difference in MSA, but in Slang there is no difference almost شُغل / اشتغل is more in a slang way : أنا عندى شغل النهاردة.. أنا بشتغل طبيب ..so in Egyptian dialect I can say for example But if you want to say it in MSA, you'd say: أنا لدى عمل اليوم... أنا أعمل كطبيب. العمل ..يعمل ..عَمَل The derivatives of that verb could be applied to all kinds of jobs 1- هو يعمل فى شركة كبيرة. 2- العمال مشغولون طوال اليوم بالعمل. In FUSHA : أشغال could be applied to some works like construction or maintenance for example
February 17, 2016
in generally there is no difference.... but if we analyze it as a classic arabic we find that شغل is for work which you get paid for .....for ex. اشتغل عندي عامل مجتهد so it means that he worked for paid job on the other word we found that عمل is more general than شغل ....its Include working job and also means the other actions in life like eating ,playing ,talking etc. so عمل equal شغل and othre actions but شغل is more specific ex. ( عمل عندي عامل مجتهد ) or (لقد عملنا سويا ) so عمل like (do) in english. and be attention to the letters formation ( الفتحة والضمة والكسرة ) its gives a Different meanings when you chang it
February 20, 2016
People don't really see the differences between both of (شغل ، عمل ) and it's not really clear .. but عمل used as - job ,work , do or make .. - شغل - what you are busy with, what fill your time, do or work - That in فصحى In the other accents Palestinian /Jordanian / Syrian / Egyptian عمل - make, do - شغل - work in something , job -
February 18, 2016
عمل = شغل المعنى نفسه = نفس المعنى те-же помидоры، только вид сбоку :D
February 17, 2016
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