what is the korean for please stay??
Oct 18, 2008 9:44 AM
Answers · 2
Like the answer obove, the main meaning is Please, don't go. (가지 마세요, Ga-ji-ma-se-yo) Or Stay more, please. (조금 더 계세요, the most formal) or (조금 더 있다 가세요) Between friends, (가지마!) Gajima! , 더 있다 가! Can you read Korean alphabet? Hope so... It's hard to write Korean words by the sound of English. To me, looks almost impossible!! It seems more difficult to answer to this kind of question than some specific questions asking the correction. Honestly, I don't think my answer would be much helpful to you, but I've tried to do my best. I do hope to give you more reasonable answer next time. 안녕~
October 19, 2008
it could be 가지 마세요 (literally "please, don't go") 좀 계십시오 (please stay, more formal)
October 18, 2008
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