At konbinis: What kind of questions do the staff ask? From going to konbinis in the last few weeks, I've learned they ask: atatatemasuka? Or something similar to that, to ask if they should warm up your food. But sometimes the staff ask other questions, which I don't know the meaning to... Can anyone suggest what they are?
Oct 19, 2008 5:53 AM
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Top 3 questions made by staff at a CVS in Japan are: 1) Atatamemasuka? 温めますか? (which means "do you want it warmed up?"; as you explained) 2) Kono mama de yoroshii desuka? このままでよろしいですか? (which literally means "are you OK just in this way? " i.e., "would you mind if I don't give you a bag?"; used when you buy just small stuff like a bottle of soda pop or a box of chewing gum) 3) Ohashi (ya spuun) wa otsukai ni narimasuka? お箸(やスプーン)はお使いになりますか? (which means "would you like chopsticks (or a spoon)?"; it is nice to say "No thank you" or "Iye, kekko desu" to decline this offer in light of protecting the environment).
October 19, 2008
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