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Is it possible for a foreigner to learn Vietnamese really well? The grammar and vocabulary doesn't seem too bad but every word can mean 100 different things if the tone is slightly different.
Oct 20, 2008 1:50 AM
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Hi,in my opinion,Vietnamese is a rich language which is influenced by lots of language through history,especially Chinese.Lots of foreign people have problems with Vietnamese when they learn it,such as:their speaking skill,grammar or listening.I think this is just a common thing.Don’t worry about that because words in Vietnamese is quite complicated.There are lots of words that have similar meaning ,but they have different meaning.This is depended on different areas.Beside ,there are lots of words that have the same tone but their meaning is complete different .For instance we call “đường”mean “sugar”,but otherwise”đường “ mean “the road”.The pronunciation of English is different Vietnamese too.When we speak english, we usually have the final syllable,but Vietnamese is not.Language is very large,so I think when u good at it is when u can use it to tell with people fluently.U can improve ur Vitetnamese by lots of way :talking with native people,read newspaper,so on,…Certainly, my answer is yes,because I see lots of foreign people can speak Vietnamese well.In the VTV6 of my country have an MC, Joe.He is not vietnamese,he is from Canada, but he always appear and speaks vietnamese very well Haha!! If u have any problems,feel free to ask me too.I always welcome any question.:))Hope u have lots of lucky and successes in ur learning.
October 23, 2008
I think you can if you put enough time and effort into it. I know there is one italki member who is from the US, speaks really good Vietnamese. And he has no families or relatives from Vietnam. Just learn from teachers and other Vietnamese members.
October 20, 2008
i think the best way to improve vietnamese is that you make friend with native speaker and talk with them !
October 25, 2008
That's quite in your reach but you'll need to put in a lot of effort. Make friend with me and I can help you somehow.
October 23, 2008
Chú Dennis, chú thử vào đây học xem. http://www.quehuong.org.vn/vi/nr050307131435/nr050307111918/ http://ngonnguhoc.org/content/view/191/78/lang,vn/ http://media.vovnews.vn/html/vn/audio/7/ Chắc tại các dấu trong tiếng Việt: huyền , sắc , lặng, hỏi, ngã (change tone with them, such as: dấu huyền trong "Hà", dấu lặng trong "Nội" ...). Chú cứ nghe nhiều sẽ quen thôi. Chúc chú học tốt !!
October 20, 2008
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