Sabin Figaro
What does なさそう mean? なさ+そう 意味はまったく分かりません。教えてください。(ありがとう!)
Oct 20, 2008 5:58 AM
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ない (or 無い) generally means there isn't or something does not exist (first meaning). e.g. お金がない。 (there isn't any money). Also, it negates a verb or an adjective (second meaning) (いく="to go" but いかない="to not to go". (you cannot say いくない。It has to be conjugated). あかい = red. あかくない = not red. そう generally means "it seems." E.g. おいしい=delicious. おいしそう=it seems delicious. So considering above, I'll give some examples: お金がなさそう = There doesn't seem to be any money. (The first meaning of 無い) おいしくなさそう = it does not seem delicious. (the second meaning) 天気よくなさそう = the weather does not seem good (the second meaning) それは正しくなさそう = That does not seem correct (the second meaning). Note that "it seems", in this context, is the process of guessing. I hope it helps.
October 20, 2008
The closest English term to なさそう is "unlikely".
October 20, 2008
it seems to be nothing. それはなさそうだ。(それは無さそうだ)
October 20, 2008
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