SEX & GENDER I'm quite grateful that people reply for my last question~~ I have to make an apologize that i miswrited "sex" to "age"... anyhow~~~what difference between SEX &GENDER? thanks again~
Oct 27, 2008 5:06 PM
Answers · 4
Perhaps Denise should ignore rude people telling her to ignore others for no good reason... :-)
October 28, 2008
Ignore the first two posts. SEX : Biologically, are you male or female? GENDER: Culturally and socially, are you female or male? Often times sex and gender is same for many people, but for some it is not the same. You notice doctors ALWAYS ask you for your "SEX", not "GENDER".
October 27, 2008
Sex = living things are divided into two groups, male and female. Gender = belonging to one of these groups Note: 1. In day to day speach the two are often used to mean each other. 2. Sex also means the act of sexual intercourse. 3. Transgender means someone who has changed from one group to the other
October 27, 2008
As I mentioned, it's the same meaning but sex is less formal than gender.
October 27, 2008
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