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how do you translate this pome ? 望庐山瀑布 李白 日照香炉生紫烟,遥看瀑布挂前川. 飞流直下三千尺,疑是银河落九天.
Oct 28, 2008 2:48 AM
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许渊冲译文: CATARACT ON MOUNT LU Li Bai The sunlit Censer peak exhales a wreath of cloud; Like an upended stream the cataract sounds loud. Its torrent dashes down three thousand feet from high; As if the Silver River fell from azure sky. 王守义与约翰·诺弗尔译文: Watching The Lu Mountain Falls Li Bai purple smoke rises from the mountaintop the peak looks like an incense burner in the sunlight far away I see the valley stretching before me the whole waterfall hangs there the torrent dropping three thousand feet straight down to the valley floor I think it must be the milky way spilling to the earth from the heavens
October 28, 2008
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