Can you please teach me the most common greetings? I would like to learn how to say "good morning", "good afternoon", "good evening" and "see you soon", can you please teach me? I´ll appreciate it, thanks a lot! Mavi
Oct 30, 2008 12:52 AM
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很(hen3)高(gao1)兴(xing4)认(ren4)识(shi2)你(ni3)=it's nice to meet you
October 30, 2008
have you had dinner? = 你(ni 3)吃(chi 1)饭 (fan 4) 没 (mei 2)有(you 3) how are you recently? = 最(zui 4 ) 近 (jin 4) 过(guo 4) 得(de 2) 怎(zen 3) 么(me 1) 样(yang 4)? what are you doing now? = 你(ni 3) 正 (zheng 4) 在(zai 4) 做(zuo 4) 什(shen 3) 么(me 1)?
November 1, 2008
mavi,if you want to say"good morning"in chinese ,you can say"zao shang hao"(早上好),or you can only say "zao ";"good afternoon"in china,you can say"xia wu hao",but,we usually not say "xia wu hao","good evening"means"wan shang hao"(晚上好);"see you soon",you can say "dai hui er jian"(待会儿见)
October 30, 2008
good morning = 早上好 =zao shang hao good afternoon =下午好 =xia wu hao good evening = 晚上好 =wan shang hao see u soon = 一会儿见=yi hui er jian
October 30, 2008
吃了吗?chi le ma?you can use it to greet people at the time for lunch or means have you had your lunch or dinner.the answer is not important.saying it to your neighbours or friends would make them feel that you are very cordial.
October 30, 2008
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