Do you say 7:30 "at thirty minutes past seven"? What do you say 7:30 ? Do you say 7:30 "at thirty minutes past seven"?
Oct 30, 2008 8:30 PM
Answers · 3
"seven:thirty" "half past seven" both are the same But I never say half past seven, I never got in the habit of that, I always say seven thirty.
October 31, 2008
Hi Ringoko For 7.30 you would use either 'half-past seven' or 'seven thirty', or slightly more slangy - 'half seven'. The phrase 'thirty minutes past seven' is grammatically correct, but you would not use this usually. @AJ In UK English: 7.15 is 'seven fifteen' or 'a quarter past seven' 6.45 is 'six forty-five' or 'a quarter to seven'
October 30, 2008
Yes. If it is thirty minutes past seven o'clock, you would say 7:30. You can say 15 past 7 for 7:15 or A quarter til 7 for 6:45. In general, numbers up to 15 you can use "past the hour". Numbers after 45, you can use "til the hour". All else is pretty much stated as is. (But honestly, it doesn't really matter. ^^ You can say it's 30 minutes past the hour.)
October 30, 2008
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