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Having experience "in" or "with" ? Can you please explain the difference between having experience in / with ?
Sep 12, 2016 11:25 AM
Answers · 7
I think it depends on the object. For tangible objects, we use "experience with". For more abstract objects, we use "experience in". Examples: I have experience with children I have experience with pets She has experience with elderly patients Have you got experience with large machines? I have experience in management She's got experience in marketing Do you have experience in negotiation? I want to gain experience in translation
September 12, 2016
In (preposition) something is around, surrounding you With (preposition) joined/accompanied by something
September 12, 2016
It can be vatied with certain condition.
April 8, 2017
برای عبارات ملموس از اولی و برای عبارات ناملموس از دومی استفاده می کنیم
October 4, 2016
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