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ezaafe tags: grammar exercise , ezaafe transcribe and transliterate the following words using an ezaafe construction; example: کتابم ketaabam - my book کتابِ من ketaab-e man - my book ۱ کتابت ۲ خانه‌تان ۳ پایتان ۴ ایرانی‌شان ۵ عمویم answers: ۱ کتاب تو ketaab-e to ۲ خانه ی شما khaane-ye shomaa یا خانهُ شما ۳ پای شما paa-ye shomaa ۴ ایرانی ی آن ها iraani-ye aanhaa یا ایرانیُ آن ها ۵ عموی من amoo-ye man یا عموُ من dear forum members, thank you in advance for Your comments
Oct 10, 2016 4:01 PM
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Hi there! You've done a great job. Just keep in mind that "hamze" cannot be used for numbers 4 and 5. There is only one correct form for each: ۴ ایرانیِ آن ها iraani-ye aanhaa ۵ عمویِ من amoo-ye man since these words end in ی, there is no need for another ی or a hamze to connect them to the second words. But since خانه ends in ه you would have to add either a ی or a hamze to connect it to a second word Best of luck
October 10, 2016
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