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Is "厉害" a positiv or a negative word? My dictionary tells me that "厉害" can mean "terrible", "violent", "difficult to deal with", but also "awesome". In what context is it usually used? If I tell someone "你是个很厉害的人“, will it be perceived as a compliment or an insult?
Oct 26, 2016 6:13 PM
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The tricky thing is that 厉害 can also be sarcastic. But basically it is more commonly used in a good way if you give or receive such comment in person. There is really no sure way to know which is which unless a context is provided. Try compare the differences with those between "frightful" and "frightfully", "terrible" and "terribly".
October 26, 2016
i want to say,厉害mean. [emoji]you know?it is a good and positive Word. for example,if you meet someone are good at something,you can say“你非常厉害”
October 26, 2016
厲害 Usually means awesome. 很厲害 usually means awesome and it is positive If you speak Chinese to a Chinese person, they might say 你中文說得好好啊,厲害!You speak great Chinese, awesome! It can also be used to describe like weather. 昨天下雨了,下得很厲害 It rained really hard yesterday Laurence
October 26, 2016
你抬起了这么重的东西,好厉害。 你会打女人了?可真厉害。
November 1, 2016
厉害used in negative way: 病的厉害(seriously ill),咳得厉害(coughing heavily),疼得厉害(unbearable pain) However,you cannot judge whether 你是很厉害的人means positive or negative, because 厉害here can mean high capabilities or sly/vicious.It all depends on the context. hope I helped:) all the best for your mandarin learning
October 27, 2016
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