Which is ok? 'Talk about our life/lives in the future.' Could you explain the differences between them briefly? Thanks
Nov 21, 2016 12:58 PM
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You understand English so well that you only ask difficult questions! My first answer is that there's almost no difference in meaning. You can use either one. You can stop reading right here! I'm digging into my brain to try to find a difference. It seems to me that "life" emphasizes the collective aspect and "lives" emphasizes the individual aspect. In sentence number 1 I might be slightly more likely to say "life" and in sentence number 2 I might be more likely to say "lives." 1) Our life in the future will continue to involve more and more technology. 2) In "The Time Machine," H. G. Wells suggested that our lives in the future would diverge; society would be transformed into a permanent aristocracy and underclass, eventually becoming two separate species, the "Eloi" and "Morlocks." What do others think?
November 21, 2016
Our lives... i have always read and listened to, and said and written similarly. And it is quite simple...simpler than what you can imagine... in English when you have, as in this case, a possessive which reminds you to a group of people - we, our- you need have the following noun at its plural form. Maybe a native speaker could explain the reason for it better than i have done now. Bye
November 21, 2016
No such a big difference between the two.Lives are the plural form of life,following "our" which means the diverse life of groups ,while life can also be used as the original one to represent the abstract state.In a word,life refers to ambiguity and lives refers to variety.
November 21, 2016
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