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What does the expressions mean in this following context? I have a paragraph as follows: "Rejection in real life is very far from the way it is commonly portrayed in movies, where women often make fun of the unattractive male who shows his interest in them and make a big scene out of his misery. The reality is far from this dramatic, as direct confrontation is not feminine behavior, but we are conditioned to believe that it could happen. Thus, the fear of failure will keep males from even trying before they have proven that they are good enough or before they have wasted enough time to fall in love and make a last desperate attempt when they are doomed to fail anyway". I don't understand the meaning of the expressions "make a big scene out of his misery" and "direct confrontation". Can you explain them to me? Thank!
Nov 22, 2016 3:04 PM
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"to make a scene" is an expression which comes from the idea of a scene in a play or a movie. It suggests that someone is overreacting, being unnecessarily dramatic or drawing a lot of attention to his- or herself.In this situation, "making a scene" about someone's misery might mean laughing about how sad he is, or maybe even making a big performance (another expression) by pretending to cry. A "confrontation" is what happens between two people who are in conflict: either militarily or, more often, because of a clash of opinions or ideas. Here the confrontation is having to tell someone who's asking you out that you are not interested. "direct confrontation" can mean either that the confrontation is happening face-to-face, or simply that the disagreement is being explicitly stated, rather than being present as subtext.
November 22, 2016
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