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What does "with an inflection" mean in this text? i'm translating a book about how to approach a women because of the request of a male customer (sorry because this topic can offend you). But the book has a confusing text: "I will give you one example — a simple guideline that you can follow for the rest of your life: Give her a compliment and express your intentions. Include not just one of these elements, but both at the same time. If you find her attractive and want to meet her, say it! Also, notice that this is a statement, not a question. It is assertive and should hence be said as such. This means that you cannot end it with an inflection or pause afterward as if you just asked something and are now awaiting a response. It is not a pickup line, an icebreaker, or an excuse. It is deeper and more real than that, as you say what you really think, so make sure to say it like you mean it" What does " with an inflection" in the paragraph? Does it mean "with a crack sound", right?
Nov 25, 2016 1:45 AM
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An inflection, in this context, is referring to a change in pitch. For example, if you are asking a question, the voice is usually inflected upward to indicate clearly that you are asking a question. By the way, "women" is the plural form of "woman," so putting "a" before the plural form is incorrect. you would simply say: "how to approach women." I hope this helps. Good luck with the translation.
November 25, 2016
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