Can " squat" be used to describe the gesture? I want to express "They have been waiting for a long time so they just squatted on the street directly" but feel the sentence is strange.
Nov 25, 2016 7:56 AM
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I would just say something like "They've been waiting for a long time (while) so they've finally just decided to sit (down) on the curb while they wait." Squat can decribe a gesture like that but it's more likely (and therefore more commonly used in this situation) that they would be sitting. Squatting for a while would also be uncomfortable. Squatting in this sense essentially means sitting on your heels. It's unlikely someone would wait like that, though it is possible. Also, it's more likely they would be sitting on the curb than squatting in the street (again, it is possible they could be in the street but it's unlikely unless they want to get hit by a car / there's no curb). Only you know the exact details of what you're describing but overall "sit" and "curb" are better choices here. Squat: Sit on the curb:
November 25, 2016
It has a weird connotation - if I heard that someone "squatted on the street," I would think they did or were about to do something obscene. I'm assuming, though that you meant that they went into a squat position because they find it restful. I would say that - "They had been waiting a long time, so they went into a squat position while they continued to wait."
November 25, 2016
"Squat" 的意思就是"蹲“。这个词可以当名词用,也可以当动词用。比如说: 1) Instead of sitting, he waited by the store in a squat position. 在这句子里,"squat" 是名词。 2) Rather than sitting, he decided he would squat while waiting by the store. 在这句子里, "squat" 是动词。
November 25, 2016
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