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Are these structures natural and universally applicable? Are these structures natural? 1.My favorite animals/insects/flowers/candies etc are + plural(eg.My favorite books are novels) 2.My favorite animal/insect/flower/candy etc is + the singular(eg.My favorite candy is the chocolate./My favorite flower is the tulip/My favorite insect is the butterfly ) 3.The singular + is my favorite animal/insect/flower/candy etc(eg.The novel is my favorite book/The birch is my favorite tree) 4.The singular + the singular are my favorite animals/flowers,etc(eg. The chocolate and the nougat are my favorite candies/The old pipe and the old car are my favorite antiques/The dog and the cat are my favorite animals ) 5.My favorite animals/flowers, etc are the singular + the singular (eg.My favorite animals are the dog and the cat/My favorite movies are the thriller and the science fiction) 6.My favorite animals/flowers,etc are plural+plural(My favorite vehicles are cars and buses)7.plural + plural are my favorite animals/flowers, etc(Birches and ashes are my favorite trees.) Natural? Thank you very much for your patience.
Nov 27, 2016 1:58 PM
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you still have to take into account the concept of "countables and non-countables" Let's take chocotate. My favorite sweet/candy is chocolate/toffee/nougat. Because chocolate is not countable, you can weigh it, you can talk about "a piece of chocolate" " a kg of chocolate", but chocolate itself is not countable. Then you also need to think a bit about the difference between "things and types of things". So the novel is my favorite book, sort of works, but really it needs to be "the novel is my favorite type of book" Then 4&5 just do not work as your structure and your examples are at odds. So, "my favorite animals are dogs and cats" but "my favorite type of animal is the dog" Hope that helps
November 27, 2016
November 27, 2016
Chino, no idea if anyone else has discussed this before. I chatted to my wife who is far brighter than I am and she agreed with me (shock), it is something to do with the variety of the object and something to do with our familiarity with that variety. So "iphones" but "THE iphone 7".
November 29, 2016
1,2,6 and 7 look great
November 28, 2016
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