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How to work on spelling mistakes? Hello World! I have been struggle with the spelling mistakes since I start writing in English, until now. I get mistakes with simple nouns, verbs, adjectives And ... etc. Every single exam I took, spelling make me lose 5-10 points from 40 points.(IELTS reading or listening simulating exams). I tried Android apps for a while. I keep reading spelling tips and go through the common spellings mistakes English writer had make. But still, I have the same problem, even I can't deny it become less prominent. And thanks for auto-correction and google translator, because they cover plenty of mistakes. But this really don't help to solve the problem it self. Are there any one have the same problem? And is there any effective solution for this on? Thank you all. Keep learning.
Nov 29, 2016 9:47 PM
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Dear Mohamed, I sometimes have the very same problem – English can be sort of a tricky language ;-). Of course, I don’t have a general solution to this problem but if things go really wrong I use to write my stuff by hand several times. I think I read anytime in the past that writing by hand can improve our memory on how to write words correctly. According to the article mentioned above, handwriting should help one get better at learning to spell correctly than typing with a keyboard. As for me, it has worked sometimes and I could really remember some hard to spell words. Unfortunately, I have no clue what the article was I read about this topic. Regards, Paul
November 29, 2016
Hi Mohamed, Spelling can be a big problem for ESL students. Have you ever heard of "mnemonics"? Mnemonics are memory tricks or devices, like “i before e except after c”. Go to: There is some useful information that may help you improve your spelling. Good luck!
November 29, 2016
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